Hi, we’re ADE.

We’re Innovation Addicts, Business Growth Accelerators and Performance Driven Digital Agency . ADE Digital is a hybrid of a data-led digital marketing agency and a product development company, situated in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. We design, build and launch digital products and experiences to drive and accelerate business growth.

We solve marketing inefficiencies. We’re an innovative company, providing technology-based solutions for businesses and brands in Nigeria and across Africa. Interestingly, some call us an agency, developers, digital strategists and consultants. Actually, any is fine. 🙂



To become a leading innovation, ideation and technology company in Africa; that is result oriented, transparent and trend setting in its solutions.


To help brands win the endorsement, participation and referral of the growing connected audience; positioning each brand as the preferred brand in their category.

Our Process

Daily. We strive to create meaning and value for our clients and their consumers with our organically crafted methodology (process) called BRAG™. Even as we develop digital marketing campaigns for Nigerian businesses, brands and products.



We don’t do mediocre, we believe in exceptional. We’re flexible. We’re down-to-earth and approachable. We’re professional and dedicated to transparency, innovation and business growth.


Creative and Technology

Yes. You get the best of both worlds. ADE Digital’s team have been designing and building brands professionally since 2008. Our creative skills have helped delivered successful digital projects and web platforms.


Transparent and Professional

We use strict, transparent project management tools and processes’, communicating regularly with our clients so everyone is kept in the picture.This makes sure projects get delivered on time and on budget.

Questions ?

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