Digital Production


In this era of interactive entertainment, Video has become the converging point for a huge percentage of consumer interactions with brands. We have excelled in tailoring customer video expectations in a way to make them positive, useful and memorable.


From product (sales) videos, online commercials to corporate brand videos, ADE can improve any digital campaign leveraging the power of video. We develop Motion Graphics (2D and 3D), Broadcast graphics/animation, Interactive videos, Viral Skits, and Vox Pop – all from our in-house, state-of-the-art animation studio called ScamStudios.

From messaging to execution, ADE executes video campaigns that reach audiences with clear messages communicated through top video platforms.

Once the video strategy for a motion graphics has been set and the assets are built, we turn our full attention to ensuring a smooth development and deployment. We also track, measure insight and engagements even as practices change and standards evolve.