Digital Strategy


In the digital landscape, embracing a data-driven digital strategy is the backbone to deeply understanding audiences. With the abundance of digital information, actionable insights are fast forming the blueprint for digital success.


ADE Digital help brands to craft ideas, pathways and tactics that deliver in an overall strategy. We listen to, monitor and evaluate conversations happening in the web/online space to effectively understand consumers and ultimately develop engaging ways to communicate to TA.  

As part of our methodology, all ADE projects undergo deliberate analysis and planning for clients. We develop overall digital media strategies that integrate the right technologies to put audience insights into action, provide bespoke digital marketing training (for businesses and brands), design and implement listening and responding programmes, advise on crisis planning and provide ad-hoc social media consultancy and advice.

This is the era of big data and it can be challenging for businesses when confronted with hundreds of variables. While consulting for our clients, our approach is to make big data feel small by concentrating on the little indicators that make the main difference and integrate the right

Our aim is to provide every digital marketing and consulting project with clear, defined, and often transformation insights; help in the alignment of business objectives with marketing efforts; and help deliver greater understanding of audience and competitive landscape.